The view from Pine Clouds

The house I live in is called Pine Clouds. There are pine trees in the garden and the position of the house is such that it looks across and down into a valley. As a result the surrounding area is sometimes shrouded in mist and often gives the impression we’re floating above the clouds.

From my front terrace I can see across the valley to Middleton.

Often I get great results which fit in with my interest in minimalism in photography just by pointing and shooting.

Below the Middleton skyline is Dene Quarry. This was taken before the permanent crushing facility was removed.

And this was the day the remaining machinery and crushing tower was blown up.

As Middleton is West of the house we also get spectacular sunsets. I haven’t done anything to the two photographs above. The shots are exactly as taken in the camera.

Here the sunset is reflected in the glass top of a table on the terrace of the house.

And here’s a portion of sky in homage to Mark Rothko. Maybe I should make it an NFT!